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energy. economics. environment. Solar impacts all of these factors. Solar will help meet our energy demands. Solar is a driving economic force. Solar is good for the environment.

Solar energy impacts more than just electricity generation. Solar technologies are shaping our present and future. Solar is the catalyst for workforce development, energy security and environmental responsibility. The technologies are proven, reliable, and more affordable than ever. Solar energy provides both electricity generation and heat generation (solar thermal) to lower energy costs and decrease dependence on fossil fuels.

Solar is the cleanest, most abundant, replenished natural resource available to aid in meeting our energy demands. The worlds' energy use is rapidly becoming a distributed energy source, driving rural economic development and generating energy cost reduction in residential & commercial applications.

By 2016, the United States solar industry is expected to support more than 440,000 permanent, full-time jobs. The solar industry is creating these jobs where they are needed most - in construction and the trades. Solar is more than a movement, it's a rapidly growing economy on a global scale.

Solar energy systems all over the world reduce the dependence on carbon resources. Critical in the battle against global warming, and energy efficiency not withstanding, Solar is more environmentally benign, more scalable, more abundant, more available, more flexible than any other energy resource.

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