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Energy from the sun can be harvested and used in many ways. From lighting a room to heating a pool, learn to use the free power of the sun.

Light is the most common way we utilize solar energy to illuminate buildings via windows and skylights.

There are other, more involved ways to harness the sun's energy.

  • Pool Heating
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Photovoltaics

Heat or thermal, such as passive solar room heating, solar hot water and pool heating are other applications of solar "thermal" energy. With photovoltaic or "PV" (also sometimes called "solar electric"), we harness solar energy by directly converting sunlight into electricity by use of semi-conductors.

Even though all of these are considered solar energy systems, the equipment, technologies and costs are substantially different for each.

Why Solar?


Types of Solar Energy

Learn more about Solar water heating (SWH) and Solar electric (PV).

solar thermal collectors

Making a solar investment with energy efficiency upgrades often results in an immediate positive cash flow.

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